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The State Office for Outpatient Offender Work was established to deal with people who have committed offenses. It's a sensitive area that is receiving increased public attention due to the need for greater security, as highlighted by individual cases that have been picked up and analyzed by the media. The aim of this office is to unite probation services, supervision of conduct, and forensic psychologists under one roof to achieve a structural bundling of professional expertise in this area. The goal is to achieve an increase in the quality of structures, processes, and results by dovetailing these three pillars of outpatient offender work.

This office was established based on the experience gained with integral offender work, which has shown that two factors are important for successful work with offenders. Firstly, there must be no loss of information or friction between the state organizations and individuals involved. Secondly, those affected must be aware that state offender work is a coordinated and self-contained system that offers them care and support on the one hand, but also performs tangible control functions and showing up consequences.

Concentrating all outpatient state offender work in one authority also prevents loss of information at the interfaces between the three pillars of outpatient offender work and guarantees that the diverse and sometimes problematic cases are processed according to uniform state standards. The State Office for Outpatient Offender Work provides public prosecutors' offices, correctional facilities, enforcement courts, the police, and all other institutions involved in the administration of criminal justice with a competent and efficient point of contact that ensures prompt and efficient action. 

In addition, the State Office for Outpatient Offender Work is clearly recognizable as the authority responsible for this area, in the interests of citizen-friendly administration, including the interested public.


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